I thought I would put this up just to kindle your tummy, sorry, your interest.

This is a lady who presented with recurrent right sided upper abdominal pain. It was getting more frequent and was increasing in intensity. She was admitted three times for the pain which spontaneously resolved with analgesics. Her ultrasound just reported as gallstones present.

We operated on her and this is what we found.

Single stone impacted at the neck of the gallbladder. Mucous like fluid within the gallbladder with multiple small black pigment stones within it. There is evidence of chronicity with central fibrosis causing the gallbladder to have an contracted hour-glass shape and also the thickened wall.

A mucocoele is a mucus-filled gallbladder, which arises when the neck of the gallbladder becomes obstructed, normally by impaction of a stone. The bile is absorbed and replaced by mucus secreted by the gallbladder inner wall.

Management : Surgery to remove the gallbladder – Cholecystectomy