Odysseys of George

As life cruises along; vita non est vivere sed valere

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Puerto Galera, the main city in Oriental Mindoro, means Port of Galleons, probably in those many years ago many such ships from Spain used to dock here. We went for a dive there and this was our second visit there and the waters were very cold reaching 21°celcius.


Death do us fear….

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Death, lately too many…. relatives, friends, citizens …… life seem so without value as they drop like dried leaves in autumn..sad…. unsure how to feel… worried…. yes.


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Lichfield Angel (Ausrelate)
David Austin Recommended Variety


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Category English Roses
(English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin

Flower Type Double/Full Bloom

Size Medium Shrub
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Light
Repeating Excellent

The flowers of this rose commence as charming peachy pink cups, gradually opening to form neatly cupped rosettes. Each bloom has a perfect ring of creamy-apricot waxy petals enclosing numerous smaller petals. Eventually the petals turn back to form a large, domed, creamy-white flower. The overall effect in the mass in sunshine is almost pure white. Lichfield Angel will form a vigorous, rounded shrub which, with its blooms nodding attractively on the branch, will make a fine sight. It is very useful in a border, as it harmonises well with all other colours and will act as an intermediary between pinks and yellows. The fragrance is generally light but has strong elements of clove at one stage. Lichfield Angel is a limestone sculptured panel, from the 8th century, which was recently discovered in Lichfield Cathedral. It depicts the Archangel Gabriel and still bears the remnants of Saxon paint. (English Musk)



A Family Holiday in Malaysia

Following is the unedited report from the victim’s parents, who we thank for sharing their story.
Tanjung Ruh Beach, Langkawi (Deeper with DAN)

Our daughter Sally, aged 9, was stung late in the afternoon one day in May at the Tanjung Ruh Beach at Langkawi. It is at the north east side of the island, not far from the mangrove forest. We had been to that beach before, because of the good swimming conditions according to tourist websites and documentation we received from the resort. The sea wasn’t very clear both days. We hadn’t seen jellyfish.

Happy New Year

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Promising… deep in my heart, I felt a small fire burning .. a fire of hope and promise for a beautiful year ahead. “But how is that?” I asked myself that very morning when I felt miserable and slightly depressed. It’s the 1st of January and should not I be feeling excited or happy. Looking around my bedroom, I see my beautiful wife and daughter still very much asleep. At least that part of my life I am happy… it could not be any better… I found and married the best person in my life…the best person for me. My daughter, still small but very much like her mother and hopefully be like her mother as she grows.
The distress is growing… something I know is bothering me this new day of the year. As I get ready and make my way downstairs, flashback of events in 2014 took control. A year that passed by so fast, was not a great year for my country for which in my opinion was going it’s toughest times and due to poor management and leadership, seem to be spiraling out of control to depths unknown. The uncertainty of the future of this country worries me as I have a child who will be going through that very future I fear. Yes, that issue has been disturbing me ever since I had her. She will need a stable and firm growth on all areas be it religion, education, moral, outdoor and social. I think my wife and I can give all that except education for which seem to worsen by the hour in this beautiful land I have grown to love. It was very different then. My mind races down memory lane to my school days …. ahhh lovely it was, I miss my school. I miss my friends. I miss my hometown. I wish she would have the same but…..
I have reached the living room, the mind looks around at this comfy, small home…. yes it is a home not a house. I can hear Caesar whining from behind the back door.I have neglected him so much especially the last one month. His golden hair still long untrimmed. It has been a long time since he played. He loves to retrieve objects thrown living up to his breed. I greet him and wish him a good new year and that ever forgiving eyes, I know, he will stand by me no matter what I have not done for him. Yes I just found another reason for my heavy heart… I have neglected the one responsible for making me learn about me emotionally. Flashbacks of us getting him from the pet shop when he was just 3 months old, the joy, the excitement, the frustration of him not listening to us, the fun times when we discovered each other during the obedience class..how he has grown .. Now he is 3 years old and maturing fast. He showed his emotions of dejected and depression when she was born. I hope she grows quickly to bond with him … ha ha ha and assist me to care and bathe him. I am sure they will be great buddies.
I walk on out to the garden, my hard work seem to go to waste. It has been raining cats and dogs and many areas experienced the worst floods ever. As for my garden, the constant rain rots the roots of my roses and a few pots, my favourite roses, seem to be heading to death.
My fishes all died on the day we went for our family trip December last year.. I suspect the electricity tripped and the fishes ran out of oxygen and died. I begin to prune some pots when I asked myself again, so what is bothering you still?
I guess it is work. Work has been steady. I still want to pursue my dream. Unlike my wife, she is very easily contented, I am always competing and trying to better than others. This isn’t healthy. I see a shimmer of hope that this would be the year I move forwards but there is one issue which is unresolved. An issue which has left a deep scar in my life..hmm… one of many scars actually. Being a surgeon isn’t all roses and glitter, it is very humbling experience and it has given me the most beautiful and most heart wrenching experience. Being me, I could not be satisfied and the unresolved issue is eating me from within. This was the biggest reason for me feeling down this new year. I said a quick prayer for only God can help me and He has never failed me ever. I hope this will come to pass.

And there as with every year, every day, every minute of my life I have passed the baton back to God, with trust and hope that He will shine the path for me and my family.

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